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Transposed Heads Rajika on the Western Stage

Cast as the Narrator, who transforms into the goddess Kali, in Julie Taymor's The Transposed Heads (produced by Lincoln Center Theater & American Music Theater Festival), Rajika began a successful career in western theater.

  • The Wall Street Journal: "The festival ...wisely hired Rajika Puri, the lady who makes this production magical."
Some roles, like 'Ayah' in Carrie Perloff's New York premier of Tony Harrison's Phaedra Britannica, (produced by the Classic Stage Company), have been mainly speaking parts.

  • 7 Days: "But the real find of the evening is Rajika Puri as Phaedra's loyal and misguided servant; what are at time excruciatingly overdrawn rhymed passages roll off her tongue like a continual stream of honey."
Rajika's forte, however, is to incorporate techniques from classical Indian theatre - its gesture language, music, and mime - into roles like 'Dionysius' (The Bacchae), 'Agnes' (The Dream Play) and 'First Weird Sister' (Macbeth).

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